The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

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Waiting to get that family photo done? When you are thinner? When you have time? Maybe next year? Maybe next summer? ….What if next summer or next year someone can’t be in the photo?

I never realized how much I would cherish my family photos until I lost my Dad in 2010. This was the only family photo I found with all five of us in it. One! Mom hates getting her photo taken and avoids the camera (so do I). We always talked about getting a professional family photo done, but we never did.

In 2009, December 14th, 10 days before Christmas my Dad went into hospital and he never came out. After battling Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis my Dad’s liver was failing and he was in desperate need of a liver transplant. We spent Christmas Day at the hospital. Shortly after his kidneys started to fail and he was put into ICU and then flown to London, Ontario to get the final tests to put him on the transplant list. When we were told he would not be put on the transplant list due to a test saying his heart was enlarged. We flew out to say goodbye. The test was done again and it turned out the doctor was incorrect. We left to go back to work while our Dad awaited a new liver. 4 days later he was rushed into surgery and was up and walking that day after the transplant. Unfortunately after that his health started to decline again. He couldn’t keep food down and his new liver was not working properly. Whatever infection that was there before was still there and not responding to antibiotics. His new liver continued to fail. He fought for two months in so much pain and after exhausting all options he said he had had enough. We flew out to say our goodbyes and waited for him to pass away.

I am so thankful for the person who was an organ donor and gave us the time we had with him. We were able to talk and say our goodbyes because of that gift. That is the greatest gift I have ever received. Yes he only survived another 2 months but we were all able to talk to him before he passed.

Things can change in an instant. Make the time. Go get a family photo done. Stop waiting for the right time or when you lose some weight. Your kids will cherish these photos and appreciate that you took the time to photograph the whole family together. You will never regret it.

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